2017 NEWS!

Welcome to 2017 and to some changes at Child Matters

After 6 years of joint practice, Sharon Mitchell has now left to pursue other interests and I am now the sole practice owner.  Sharon and I are sad to end such a strong partnership, but excited about the new opportunities we can each bring to our work.  Child Matters will have a stronger focus as a specialized therapy service for children with difficulties and disabilities.  Please note that it will remain a service that offers help to children and families without disability. 

Sharon has discussed her plans with her current clients, but should you need further information, please contact Deb admin@childmatters.net. 

I am excited to introduce Stephanie Soe Thein, our new provisionally registered psychologist, who is very excited to join the team and we are thrilled to have her.  Steph is busy moving from Perth and has a wealth of experience and energy to bring to the practice.  

Due to changes in her personal circumstance, our divine OT Rebekah has also made the difficult decision to leave Child Matters.   She will not disappear altogether as she carefully hands over her current clients to our new fabulous OT Rose Murrell, and continues to provide support and mentorship to both Rose and the Stepping Stones Therapy Services OT team.   Rose will be a wonderful addition to Child Matters and won the position from a highly impressive group of candidates.  Rebekah has contacted all current clients personally, and please trust that handover will be managed carefully and thoughtfully.  We appreciate that change can be particularly difficult for some of our children.

Some of you may already be aware that Stepping Stones Therapy Services and Child Matters have formed an even stronger partnership from 2017 onwards, and will be working together to ensure families have the best team in the right location to help them achieve their goals.

We have a new child-centred play therapist, Lani Castan, who currently has a thriving practice in Margaret River but was keen to join a team of clinicians with similar values in Busselton. We are thrilled to have her with us, and she will be available to work directly with children with a range of challenging issues.  We are also planning for Lani to offer services to parents who need some assistance in co-parenting– whether a married or separated couple –  to ensure both parents are “on the same page”. This has been identified as a frequent source of issues amongst our clients and Lani is highly skilled in working both with children and adults. 

We continue to grow our team of amazing Therapy Assistants, and are very excited about the outcomes this intervention model is allowing us to achieve. We have Professional Development planned already for 2017 and imagine this team will continue to grow.

Many of you may have already met Rhiannon, our very lovely and capable junior receptionist.  You will continue to see her smiling face on a part time basis as she tries to take some of the front of house workload from Deb. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about any of these changes.  We hope to see all of you in 2017 and be part of the team of people supporting and helping you and your children reach their goals.

Warm regards, Felicity (January, 2017)